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Analysis of API market share (2)

Release time: 2020-12-14

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Analysis of API market share (2)

  China's export of API to Europe and the United States is not growing fast, but the proportion is not small. By 2018, China had become the second largest importer of drugs and APIs to the United States.

  According to the statistics made by FDA in 2018, 88% of the drugs in the U.S. market come from overseas, and China's share accounts for 14%. It seems that the proportion is not high, but when the analysis is taken apart, the main source of drugs in the United States is India. According to the statistics of FDA in the same year, 24% of the finished products and 31% of the raw materials in the United States are from India, while 70% of the pharmaceutical raw materials in India are from China.

  When China is unable to fully supply raw materials, resulting in a shortage of pharmaceutical plants in India; India is unable to supply the United States, resulting in a shortage of drugs in the US market. Under the influence of this year's epidemic situation and tension, the small impact of each link has been magnified step by step in the drug supply chain. In fact, the FDA is not the first day to face the problem of drug shortage. There are more than 100 varieties on the FDA's drug shortage list, dozens of which are in short supply all year round. However, the epidemic situation magnifies the panic caused by drug shortage in the United States. It should be noted that after India encouraged the localization of API, the relevant departments and agencies of the United States also started the localization of API.