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Analysis on market share of API

Release time: 2020-12-14

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Analysis on market share of API

  In the early 1990s, India was one of the major producers of API in the world. However, due to the changes of domestic industrial policies and regulations, the concentration of API market gradually increased, and many pharmaceutical enterprises transformed.

  Since the 1990s, China's API industry has grown with the continuous development. According to the statistics of import and export goods released by the General Administration of customs, Asia has become a relatively large market for China's API export, while India is one of the important export markets of API in China. Compared with the European Union and the United States, due to the gradual increase of the "threshold" of API Market in recent years, China's export of API to Europe and the United States is not growing fast.

  According to statistics, India produces one third of the world's generic drugs. In recent years, it has become a mode of cooperation between China and India to import raw materials from China and export them to European, American, African and South American markets. In terms of quantity, India is the third largest drug producer in the world, and about 70% of the raw materials needed to produce these drugs are imported from China, such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and other antipyretic and analgesic drugs, dexamethasone and other hormone drugs, and vitamin C, e, D and other common products. In particular, the dependence of some antibiotics is more than 90%, such as macrolides.