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Top ten international standards of NMN quality management

Release time: 2020-12-14

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Top ten international standards of NMN quality management

  1、 Quality management system

  NMN must meet the requirements of "oulf" European Union method and FDA American food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition to the name of the product, it is also necessary to mark the contents of all ingredients and the purity of NMN, as well as the country of origin and distribution.

  2、 Manufacturing process management system

  The activity of NMN is affected by advanced process. Chemical extraction is not recommended to avoid chemical residues. Acmetea W + NMN cold pressing biological enzyme production technology can keep NMN alive at low temperature, while pressed into stable capsules, which can provide the purity of NMN to 99%, which is more conducive to the preservation and absorption of human body. It can greatly improve the bioavailability of auxiliary factors and support human metabolism. It does not need to convert SLC12A8 gene into nicotinamide ribonucleoside (NR), which is direct and fast Rapid conversion to NAD + and supplement the level of NAD + in vivo is the first preparation solution at present.

  3、 Content management system

  The relative NMN content of mg / bottle was more than 12000. The absorption of NMN reached the small intestine, and the intestinal absorption was 20% of the gastric absorption.

  As for the daily dosage of NMN, it is recommended to take 8 mg of NMN per kilogram of body weight per day. If it is converted into a 70 kg adult, the recommended daily dose is about 560 mg. At present, the total content of NMN in each bottle is different. Nmn3000 refers to 3000mg in a bottle; nmn6000 is 6000mg / bottle; nmn9000 is mg / bottle. Nmn12000 is acmetea + 12000mg / bottle. At present, the content and purity of acmetea + nmn12000 are relatively high.

  4、 Efficiency management system

  The authenticity and purity of raw materials should be investigated. NMN regulates cell survival and death and maintains redox status. Recent studies have found that by regulating the level of NMN in organisms, timely repair of damaged cells, slow down cell mutation and aging, can also slow down the decline of the human body, reduce diseases, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-aging. In addition, acmetea W + NMN can protect and repair islet function, increase insulin secretion, prevent and cure metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity by participating in and regulating the endocrine of the body.

  5、 Absorption management system

  The absorption rate and absorption threshold were improved by intestinal absorption. The absorption of nutrients by ordinary people is only 10-20%, and NMN is no exception. When the purity of NMN is increased to 99%, acmetea W + NMN technology is used to stabilize the form of NMN in the stomach, quickly penetrate the membrane, and avoid acid damage. The absorption rate is increased by 10-20 times, and the absorption rate is increased by 10-20 times Slc2a8 transporter is specially responsible for transporting NMN into cells. With blood circulation, slc2a8 transporter will be used by cells in various organs and tissues of the body to ensure the authenticity of clinical acmetea W + NMN data.

  6、 Active management system

  The results showed that acmetea W + NMN converted the molecular number of NAD + at a unit dose (per 100 g), and the concentration of NMN in the blood gradually increased within 10 minutes, and within 30 minutes, NMN entered multiple tissues with blood circulation, and synthesized NAD + in tissues to enhance the level of NAD +.

  7、 Scope of use management system

  1. For the elderly, it is used to assist in the improvement of various senile diseases;

  2. For middle-aged people, it can eliminate or alleviate various sub-health problems, such as chronic fatigue, poor sleep, vision loss, etc;

  3. Those who stay up late accelerate the recovery of body;

  4. Candidates should improve their ability to resist pressure and keep a clear mind;

  5. Patients with higher radiation dose, such as radiologists, nurses and aircrew, can improve the repair ability of genes damaged by radiation;

  6. For cancer patients, help them repair their genes after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, improve their immunity and accelerate their physical recovery;

  7. Healthy people can accelerate muscle growth;

  8. Athletes, improve energy level and reaction speed;

  9. Alcohol drinkers can improve the ability of anti alcoholism, protect the liver and repair the genes damaged by ethanol toxicity;

  10. Smokers, reduce smoking addiction;

  11. For the depressed, it can improve the level of dopamine, improve the mood, increase the blood supply to the brain, and alleviate the decline of the brain caused by depression;

  12. Middle aged and elderly women, improve skin health, delay skin aging.

  8、 Safety management system

  Production process, raw material collection, basic system of oulf European Union method safety standard, factory safety test, strict examination of microbial heavy metal exceeding the standard, and scientific production technology.

  In terms of production technology, acmetea W + NMN cold pressing enzyme production technology, the purity of extracted NMN is as high as 99%, and the content of each bottle is as high as 12000mg. The content of acmetea W + NMN in the current NMN brand is also high. The basic system of oulf European Union method safety standard, strict compliance with factory safety test, strict examination of microbial heavy metal exceeding the standard, and scientific extension of generation technology work.

  9、 Raw material management system

  Most NMN enterprises are certified by one country, but the raw material management of two countries certification is more rigorous and safe. For example, acmetea W + NMN belongs to the products of French and American certification standards. In terms of raw materials, it has reached strict and safety management standards.

  10、 Multinational supervision and management system

  "France" and "the United States" double supervision. FDA of the United States of America provides GMP standards for dietary supplements, and the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and EU food supplement management regulations.

  Acmetea W + NMN meets the requirements of FDA on dietary supplement GMP. GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to pharmaceutical and food industries. Enterprises are required to meet the hygienic quality requirements in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control, etc;

  Acmetea W + NMN meets the requirements of EU food safety agency, EU food supplements and the regulations of "oulf". It aims to ensure the nutrition provided to consumers on food packaging