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Application of NMN in gel skin care products

Release time: 2020-12-14

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Application of NMN in gel skin care products

  At present, the commonly used transdermal drug delivery system refers to a new dosage form which is used to deliver drugs on the surface of the skin, pass through various layers of the skin at a certain speed, and enter the blood circulation of the human body from the capillary vessels to reach the effective blood concentration, so as to realize the systemic or local therapeutic effect. Compared with oral administration and intravenous administration, transdermal administration has the advantages of avoiding the first pass effect of liver and gastrointestinal tract, reducing the fluctuation of blood drug concentration, avoiding the stimulation of drugs on gastrointestinal tract, non-invasive administration and strong compliance. Moreover, direct administration from the skin surface has more obvious effects on skin protection and beauty.

  NMN is a reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is used for citric acid cycle in glycolysis and cell respiration. NMN exists in every living cell of human body. It reacts with oxygen to produce energy and plays an important role in thousands of physiological and metabolic reactions in human body. The content of NMN in human cells is closely related to many diseases. Scientists have found that cancer is caused by the damage to the DNA in the cell after being attacked by carcinogens and not repaired in time. NMN can activate DNA repair enzyme (PARP), rapidly repair the damaged DNA and prevent it from developing into cancer. Moreover, NMN is also a powerful antioxidant, which can remove free radicals in the body and prevent the progression of cancer. We can supplement the body with NMN through our daily diet, but the intake is very low. NMN is very unstable and easy to degrade. Moreover, after oral administration of NMN, it can not be absorbed smoothly, because NMN is acid resistant. When NMN is taken from outside, it will be affected by gastric acid and lose its activity. The absorption rate is generally low. Most of the components are oxidized and degraded before reaching the blood, which limits its application. NMN can supply exogenous to the body through the skin action pathway, and can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of skin aging process. The clinical verification and long-term application show that NMN not only has the remarkable effects of anti wrinkle, freckle and pigment removal, but also has the functions of anti-inflammatory, sunscreen, health care and anti-aging. However, its potential application is limited due to its poor stability at room temperature, short biological half-life, easy enzymatic hydrolysis and immunogenicity.

  At present, there are many ways of administration of NMN, such as oral administration, injection and so on. In order to improve the compliance of patients, increase the bioavailability of NMN and maintain a constant effective plasma concentration, it is of great significance to develop NMN ethosomes which can be administered at longer intervals.

  KGM modified phospholipid carrying NMN transdermal ethosomes is a new type of multi chamber vesicle structure with spherical or nearly spherical shape. It has the advantages of more stable thermodynamics, smaller particle size, high encapsulation efficiency, faster and stronger transdermal performance, good skin tolerance, less dosage, lower incidence of adverse reactions, and improved safety. Moreover, the preparation process of gel skin care product using this alcohol body is simple, and NMN alcohols can be obtained by stirring, homogenizing, ultrasonic and filtering. After mixing the alcohol body with penetration enhancers and mixing with the swelling gel matrix, the NMN containing alcohol gel skin care product can be obtained.